View Poll Results: What would you rather see and have a good seat for?

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  • Fantasmic!

    33 63.46%
  • Remember Dreams Come True or Equivalent Firework show

    19 36.54%
  • Neither, both aren't worth the time

    0 0%
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    Re: Fantasmic! vs. Firework Show

    Fantasmic! stay in the same spot and you can see the Fireworks at 9:25..
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    Re: Fantasmic! vs. Firework Show

    Fireworks are the things I would rather see, hands down. But its gotten to the point where I can find a really good spot to watch less then 10 minutes before the show begins.

    Fantasmic! is harder to find seating wise, but usually I can find a good spot, if not I just watch from the side, I don't really care in that aspect.

    I would rather do the fireworks.
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    Re: Fantasmic! vs. Firework Show

    ummm...that's a hard one...I am going to go with both if you can swing it! I don't like to miss either!

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    Re: Fantasmic! vs. Firework Show

    This is a total toss-up for me. Both shows are crazy good. On the poll I would have chosen "Both are equally amazing" had I had the button.
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