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    monorail window decorations

    Hey, I was looking at the Kevin Yee pics from disney world and i noticed a pic of their monorail and the windows are celebrate today decorated with confetti and balloons and other stuff. If they added that to the disney world windows, how much of a possibility is it that we'll soon see it on the disneyland monorails? Also, he has some street party pics. on there too, it looks decent, nothing special

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    Re: monorail window decorations

    I sure as heck hope not!

    I think with brand spankin' new monorails they wouldn't do anything to them.

    Also their street party is 100% different then ours.

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    Re: monorail window decorations

    I doubt they'll do anything to our monorails. WDI would pictch the mother of all fits about that.

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    Re: monorail window decorations

    I don't think they will. The monorails look MUCH better than the Mark V's, so there will be no reason for that!
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    Re: monorail window decorations

    I'm sure marketing would love to wrap them to make them look like a balloon threw up on it.
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