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    What time do ticket booths open?

    Hey guys First off this is my first post as a mice chatter and if i do anything wrong my apologies.

    I'm going to be heading to disneyland sunday march 29th and was wondering what time the ticket booths open? I can't buy a ticket online since i'm just doing a one day trip to disneyland. so i want to know how early i can get there and if i can get to the rope drop, are they going to have one?

    I haven't been to disneyland in a few years and any other tips to make the most out of my trip are highly appreciated!!

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    Re: What time do ticket booths open?


    You can always call 714-781-4400 and get the exact info right from the horses (mouses ?) mouth...

    And as always, schedules are subject to change. Especially if a foreign white powdery substance is found on the ticket booths...

    Hopefully that won't happen again!

    Well, actually, the 10 pages of rumors, speculation, and arguing over who was right was kind of entertaining...

    Have fun at the Rope Drop!

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