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    Re: Where is the best "Quiet Places" in the Parks?

    Ok I though of two more the GCH outside on the patio of the Hearthstone Longe and at The DLH a Patio next to the Maria Tower?? May on my next trip I will take pictures of these Quiet Places....Coming In 6 weeks stay tuned

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    Re: Where is the best "Quiet Places" in the Parks?

    The pathway behind the Harbor Galley and above the Splash Mountain run off turn is a great place. There is hardly ever anyone there and you get views of the river.

    I'll also 8th, or whatever it is, the lower deck of the Hungry Bear. That is an amazingly peaceful place. Especially at night.

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    Re: Where is the best "Quiet Places" in the Parks?

    If I need true quiet (like not being able to hear PEOPLE) but still want to stay on Disney property, I go to the waterfalls at the DLH near the old dancing waters show. That whole area there at the back of the Hotel property is generally very peaceful. More often than not I find couples there at nightfall having 'moments'. It's a good place to go and wind down.

    The lower level of the Hungry Bear can be peacefl at times, but a lot of traffic goes in and out of that restroom so its really hit and miss.
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