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    Re: When did Churros arrive at Disneyland?

    I concur with Brwnbear1967, I remember Churros were at DL in 87 because my brother and I kept wondering what the heck a Churro was! To us it looked like something that came out of a play dough factory toy…

    My brother eventually gave in and got one, he loved it, I didn’t. I do however, think they smell great!

    I don't remember Churros at DL in '84, maybe because it was Grad Nite...

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    Re: When did Churros arrive at Disneyland?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt. Tibs View Post
    is there any chance someone has a picture of a churro or any churro related paraphenalia? :-)

    i ask because i've only visited DLP and haven't had the pleasure. they sound a bit like a large twinkie, am i way off?
    its basically a poor man's version of a donut but the dough is squeezed out from a tube most of the time and deep fried.

    the "crisps" people mentioned are actually called buñuelos and its the same concept as churros but with tortilla dough instead.

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    Re: When did Churros arrive at Disneyland?

    I am from Canada, and always look forward to DL churros, but last week I came across an awesome discovery, 7-11 sells them hot and fresh for only .99C! They taste as good, if not better! Now with regards to dole whip, there is no competition...

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