Came across an old article announcing an expansion and creation of Adventureland from Feb 1962. I couldn't figure out how to attach the scan so I typed it below. It's not quite the same as reading the fading newspaper print, but enjoy this little bit of history.

Los Angeles Herald-Examiner
Thursday, Feb 8, 1962

So. California News
New ‘Tree House’; Jungle Trip

Disneyland Starts $7 Million Expansion

A $7 million Disneyland expansion program which will include a completely new “Adventureland” area to open next summer was announced today by officials of the giant park in Anaheim.

Already underway in the Adventureland and Frontierland areas, the program is expected to take two years. It is one of the biggest programs since the park opened in 1955.

The planning and development of the attractions have been done by Walt Disney and his staff over the last several years.

The 1962 additions—opening in June—will be concentrated in Adventureland, and will feature a new and enlarged Jungle River Cruise, the nationally known Stouffer’s company and a “Safari Shooting Gallery.”

A new “fun theme” will be introduced in the long popular Jungle River Cruise, highlighting the “Bathing Pool” of nearly two dozen Indian elephants.

The “world’s largest” Tree House, towering 70-feet above the jungle, will be reminiscent of the one in Walt Disney’s motion picture “Swiss Family Robinson.”

Spreading its branches 85 feet in width, the Tree House will include three separate “homes” at different levels and offer a panoramic view over much of Disneyland. Thousands of colorful pink leaves will “grow” on the tree, as will bright blooming orchids.

Nearby, “Stouffer’s in Disneyland” will provide three separate and distinctive dining places this summer, including Disneyland first “by reservation only” restaurant.