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    Indy Hall of Promise music

    I've been wondering a few things about the Hall fo Promise music and audio tracks. The main thing I want to know is why the "Foolish mortals!"/"Infadels!" audio tracks are always so quite. And secondly, does anyone know who does the voice for Mara?

    Oh and you have to love the subtle variations in the audio. When you get Future Knowledge Mara says "Your destiny now lies beyond the Gates of Doom" and when you get the Fountain of Youth or Chamber of Earthly Riches, Mara just says "Your path now lies beyond the Gates of Doom". I know that some of you probably won't care, but I just thought it was neat.


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    Re: Indy Hall of Promise music

    Good questions - unfortunately, I know the answers to none of them. I agree, however, that the design of it all is quite awesome. One thing that never seems to get mentioned is that each of the "three" rooms has its own unique music track. Earthly Riches uses a shimmery statement of Short Round's theme that, unfortunately, hasn't been officially released, unless there's an official soundtrack out there that differs from the one I always hear. The Fountain of Eternal Youth uses a new arrangement of the short horn solo from the beginning of "The Miracle of the Ark" (ROTLA), and the Observatory of the Future uses original material - both of these are heard back-to-back in the official soundtrack releases. All three are quite good, if you ask me.

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