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    Re: If you can have something from WDW to come to Disneyland. What would it be?

    Country Bears (new, different show, though), Peoplemover, Carousel of Progress, an adaptation of the 5th dimension floor for ToT... that's all I've got right now.

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    Re: If you can have something from WDW to come to Disneyland. What would it be?

    I just love the castle shows! The downside to creating them though is that we would lose the whole outer facade of the DL castle and the walkthrough, which I love so much.

    I also love the Castle Kiss Goodnight thing they do, which would be an easy thing to add considering it wouldn't require any unwanted remodeling... Just a few lights. =)

    And I truly wish they would bring the Daily Park Opening Celebration thing here, where some of the characters greet you over the train station every morning. So magical. =) I feel like while their parades are never as good as they are here, WDW has some great shows (i.e. Phillharmagic, Castle Shows, ect) that are so interactive and fun.

    I also love the Main Street dancing Christmas Lights and the giant gingerbread house. If only we could have those at DL!!

    And, if it was possible, I'd want the whole World Showcase in DL, too =P

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