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Thread: Sneezy Saturday

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    Sneezy Saturday

    There is a scene in Snow White and the Seven dwarfs, where Sneezy, just has to sneeze. The other 6 dwarfs try to stop him, and you have the effect of a pile of cards tumbling down. When you have to sneeze, you have to sneeze. Considering the dust in that cottage, I am not surprised.

    What makes you sneeze? Do you have allergies? Sometimes there are days, when you just can't stop sneezing. Then, when you get a cold, your head is stuffed up, and you wish you could sneeze. Some people view sneezing as unsanitary. Germs flying everywhere.

    The dwarfs in the movie Snow White and the seven dwarfs had 7 distinct personality traits. Sneezy, probably not being the favorite of too many.

    With Saturday being a day, where you do not go to your job, you are perhaps cleaning the house or mowing the grass. A lot of dust is stirred up. A lot of pollen is spread around. Hence: a lot of sneezing.

    The dictionary describes sneezing as: an involuntary spasm.

    The voice of Sneezy was done by the actor Billy Gilbert, who also did the giant in the popular Jack and the Beanstalk (with Mickey Mouse) He actually called Mr. Disney to say he could sneeze funny. Well he auditioned and got the job voicing both popular Disney characters. (credit Disney Online with that info).

    Hope your days are sneeze free.

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    Re: Sneezy Saturday

    a friend of Walt.

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    Re: Sneezy Saturday

    My hay fever! My allergies! You know I can't stand it! It's comin', it's comin'!

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    Re: Sneezy Saturday

    Sneezy is definitely not one of my favorites, mostly because I try to avoid him at all costs. I have one of those "muffled" sneezes - most people think I'm going to explode one day! Can't bring myself to let it all go, though.

    Always wondered about him and allergies. What was he allergic too? The others? The mine? Or maybe, just all that dust that Snow White and the animals took care of!

    Perhaps he wasn't so sneezy after they cleaned up....
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    Re: Sneezy Saturday

    FYI - SNEEZY hand stamps today
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