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    Doc Sunday

    Snow White and the 7 Seven Dwarfs opened at the Carthay Circle Theatre on December 21, 1937. It was an instant hit. People laughed and cried at all the right places. It made 8 million dollars originally, and is still to this day, making the Disney Company money.

    Doc was the dwarf who wore the glasses. He was the leader of the seven dwarfs and the spokesperson.

    Doc got suspicious right away, when they arrived at the cottage and found it much different, than they had left it. He ordered the other dwarfs to search the place.

    Now doc, to most people is short for doctor. Doctor implies smart. Direct opposite, therefore to the character Dopey.

    When the picture Snow White was ready for release, some wanted the movie billed as simply Snow White. Walt Disney was adamant. It had to be Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.

    Those Seven Dwarfs have become memorable characters in all of our hearts. Each one having endearing qualiities. Each dwarf protecting the princess, and adoring her.

    7 days - 7 dwarfs

    Any last thoughts?.........

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    Re: Doc Sunday

    I would like to see how much these old classics make Disney a year... Thru DVD and TV sales/viewings its got to be a good chunk of cash.

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    Re: Doc Sunday

    I wish I knew of a good Doc - just in case. I do know a good chiropractor, though, although that wouldn't have rolled off the tongue like Doc did!

    I would like to think he was the most intelligent of the dwarfs, but I'm not sure. Maybe Grumpy was! Or was Grumpy just the realist in the bunch.

    Think how cool it would be to know that you would always have a doctor in the house.

    Thanks for the trip back to Snow White - great movie and one I'll enjoy forever.
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