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    Question I was wondering?

    Now with the imporvements to DCA are happening are they going to keep the music loops or are they going to get rid of them? like sunshine plaza has all music with california theming, since they want to get rid of that theming, will they get rid of all the music loops? I was just wondering.
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    Re: I was wondering?

    Probably, it seems like they would. However, I could be completely wrong. Though it would be nice to hear something else.

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    Re: I was wondering?

    It's most likely that the Sunshine Plaza/Entrance music loop will be dropped, because most of the songs won't fit the 1930's theme they are going for. My guess is it will be 1930's ragtime and jazz pieces that will be chosen. As for other areas, it's all up in the air in my opinion. The Paradise Pier songs could stay, as well as the Condor Flats loop as well. We'll just have to wait and see on those.

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    Re: I was wondering?

    The music in the entrance to DCA is getting downright annoying. I feel bad for CMs who have to hear that for hours on end. They just play the same songs over and over. I think a ragtime jazz makeover would be refreshing and appropriate.

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