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Thread: Ticket booths

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    Question Ticket booths

    If the park opens at 8am, what time do ticket booths open? Does anyone know a time of day when the lines aren't as bad? This Sunday is my wife's bday, so we don't want to miss out on our...or, HER Fun Card, but it's also Mother's day, the moms are coming over, and we're feeling a time crunch! I was there 2 Sundays ago round 3pm, and the lines were AWFUL!

    Thanks for any input you can offer!

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    Re: Ticket booths

    the lines on Sundays right now are horrible all the time. My guess however would be later at night cause of work on Mondays. Even that is a long shot these days though.

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    Re: Ticket booths

    If you call 711-781-7290 they could probably tell you when the ticket booths open.

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    Re: Ticket booths

    If your wife has an Annual Pass and you were wanting to get her birthday gift card, you can go to Town hall instead of waiting at the ticket booth. I made the mistake of waiting in that long line for my birthday and when I went to get my b-day button from town hall they told me I could have done it all there!

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    Re: Ticket booths

    I always get there on Sunday's at 7am, the ticket booths are open and usually can just walk up to a window. I have an AP, but my roommate wanted to upgrade his and we walked right up to the ticket window and was done in less than 5 minutes!

    Always the best time to get tickets, an hour before opening. And we are always first at the gates to get in!

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