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    Question Firefly lights? Do they work?

    I just read this post over at the GCT blog (I think it was supposed to be a joke) regarding how to build your very own Blue Bayou Lagoon.

    DIY Project: Blue Bayou Lagoon

    Anyway, the post mentions installing these things called "Magical Firefly Lights" in your backyard.

    What I want to know is has anyone here ever done this or knows someone who has?

    I'd like to try it, but not sure if the lights really work. Here's the company that sells them. Thanx!

    Magical Firefly Lights Create Lifelike Fireflies

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    Re: Firefly lights? Do they work?

    They do work. Savik bought me a set for my birthday a few years ago and they looked great . . . at night. During the day, they look like black wire with computer fans attached to them.

    Best to install them in a shaded area with a dark foliage background to help hide the wires.
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    Talking Re: Firefly lights? Do they work?

    Thanx! For a while, I've been trying to figure out how the effect is done at POTC. I read somewhere that they use blasts of air to move the "fireflies" around. I wasn't sure however how this was accomplished with the ones they sell for home use.

    We have a big party coming up this summer and I'd love to do this to part of the backyard! Along with the audio file playing in the background!

    If I do get it set up, I'll definitely post the pics

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    Re: Firefly lights? Do they work?

    Man, fireflies are beautiful. I lived in Southern California my whole life and there aren't any fireflies down there (at least not where I lived). But when we moved to Chicago last December, fireflies were one of the big surprises. SO gorgeous at night! If I couldn't have the real thing, those fake ones would seem awfully attractive, lol.

    ...and just a little bit of pixie dust!

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    Re: Firefly lights? Do they work?

    I've made them from scratch based on a recipe I found online using parts from Radio Shack. I've had them outside for three years straight and they still work! The biggest problem is getting them to bounce around when there's no breeze. If I could find an outdoor all-weather fan that would do the trick. Make sure you keep them from ambient light (like porches) since it would light up the wires and kill the effect. They're really cool when you can get them to bounce around. PoC uses cleverly hidden blowers but its not that simple outside...
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