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    Re: Minnie's Funkadelic Madness 2009 - who all went?

    Easy Hunt Questions = 100 points

    Hard Hunt Questions = 150 points

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    Re: Minnie's Funkadelic Madness 2009 - who all went?

    Actually the hard clues are worth 125 points. I'm still not entirely sure how many points the recycling was, but the rest of it is as follows:

    Trivia: 3 points each
    Scattter Clue: 100 points
    Easy Clues: 100 points
    Hard Clues: 100 points
    Rope Return: 100 points
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    Re: Minnie's Funkadelic Madness 2009 - who all went?

    Quote Originally Posted by Disnyfan89 View Post
    Cassidy is that you? LOL Im reading this going "This is exactly what my team did and in that order!?!" LOL

    This is me! Josh?

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    Re: Minnie's Funkadelic Madness 2009 - who all went?

    Time for some pics!

    The team captain wears this. And for every clue you turn in, a part of "IT'S MADNESS" gets hole-punched off.

    Funky guy and Mickey

    They presented a check


    more pics if i feel like it. haha

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    Re: Minnie's Funkadelic Madness 2009 - who all went?

    I was there (team 22, I think we placed around 100) too. I was completely caught off guard by the 70's questions, so the trivia was a bit harder than it should have been. It had crossed my mind that "funkadelic" meant there would be questions about Disney in the 70's, but since it was my first time I had no idea that there were even different themes for each year. And of course, they had to picked the decade where Disney didn't really do much that was notable, and I've never really cared for much of anything from that era so my knowledge of that stuff was extremely lacking.

    We had a blast with the hunt part. I think we only got 6 of them right, but some of them were really fun. We had one where we had to go find things in the Indy queue, which had letters and numbers that led us to the liscense plate on the truck, where we found the company name, which led us to a crate with a location written on it. It was very round-about, but really cool, and hard to move around in the queue tied together. There were a couple based on MK in El Rancho that were pretty cool, but one of them we did based on DL (it was finding attractions near other ones on the maps) and had to redo. I really liked the one where we had several architectural drawings of the castle from above, and we had to pick which one was right. Being an engineer and really used to looking at those kinds of drawings and the castle, I was able to narrow it down to two without even looking at the castle. We also had the menu one (did anybody notice how they did the key for it wrong so the answer to one was the Dajy Crockett Delight?), and a couple random logic ones. We had one with fake liscense plates that gave us the names of attractions, which gave us an anagram of America Sings, and I thought that one was really cool too. We had one based on ABC shows in the 70's, and it was just really frusterating and we ended up guessing between two, only to realize later that we should have eliminated one of them. There are probably a couple more that I've completely forgotten about, but they were all pretty fun.

    We had a blast, and actually finished 25 minutes early. I think we were the first team to finish, but I guess we didn't do as well as we thought we had. Most of our clues let us stay right next to the table to solve them, which really helped us. We had to go to El Rancho twice, Indy once, and the Plaza Pavillion once, all of which were very close to clue central. We did go to the Hungry Bear at first, so that was a pain, but it seemed like most people were going there and we were one of the first groups out, so we didn't really lose any time doing it.

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    Re: Minnie's Funkadelic Madness 2009 - who all went?

    WOW! I need to meet some CMs because I really want to do this next year! How fun!!!
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    Re: Minnie's Funkadelic Madness 2009 - who all went?

    This was my first year and we landed in 9th place! We had a BLAST, but MAN I was tired and sore the next day! There was one clue we spent like 10 minutes on because we thought we knew what the answer was, but we could NOT get the letter unscramble part to give us a "C" no matter what we did. We finally asked for help and were told, "'re right, we just put the number in the wrong place." *facepalm*
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