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Thread: Characters?

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    So I have been wondering... I am 5'4 and.. bigger bodied.. Would I be able to be any of the characters? I mean the suited ones.. I have been in fursuits before as summer jobs and find they fit just fine for my height and even my weight.. but would Disney look at a ...larger bodied.. person for a character? (I am only asking because I have been told that they wouldn't but I don't trust the source.) Also, which characters would one be able to be at the height of 5'4?

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    Re: Characters?

    If any it maybe Tweedle Dee or Dum. But not quite sure though?

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    Re: Characters?

    Kinda off subject, but this fits hilariously with your custom user title and avatar ("No opinions allowed")

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    Re: Characters?

    As a quick tip I would actually recommend PM'ing one of the Mod's requesting a title change... if the thread title were more specific (i.e. Character Height/Weight requirements? or something like that) you would likely get more responses. I would also recommend searching for past threads in relation to Casting Calls... sometimes they list open positions as well as height restrictions. Disney may also be able to provide this.

    To be perfectly honest I had friends in Characters, but I was never a part of that department. I personally am not familiar with the requirements but others on here may be.
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    Re: Characters?

    5'4" nears the dead zone for characters. I don't remember the exact height range, but it was somewhere around 5'3" to 5'6". If you're in that range, you may get cut right away. But in that case they might ask you to audition to be a Character Host, in which case you may get to do fuzzies occasionally. Also, keep in mind that what height they measure you at can vary (usually with shoes off)... So maybe you'll be measured at the shorter end.

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