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    June 3rd ~ Disneyland on the cheap

    I'm going down to LA to see Conan O'Brien tape his second episode of the Tonight Show. The day after, I'm am going to Disneyland with a friend, and we want to save as much money as possible. I found a hotel that is 66 a night: The Alpine Inn (a nice hotel!). My friend also said he has hookups to get into the park for cheap...

    My question is this: What can we do in the park to minimize cost?

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    Re: June 3rd ~ Disneyland on the cheap

    You can bring in a picnic lunch and store it in a locker, or even carry some around with you. NO glass bottles, they will confiscate those at the gate. Other than souvenirs, food is the only thing that will cost you inside the park. (excepting arcades/shooting gallery)

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    Re: June 3rd ~ Disneyland on the cheap

    if you don't bring food theres a McDonalds across Harbor Blvd

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    Re: June 3rd ~ Disneyland on the cheap

    Too bad Godfather's Pizza on West St. was knocked down. Used to be a steal at 5 bucks a person for all you can eat and drink. You could gorge yourself on pizza and soda for about 3-4 hours every day.
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    Re: June 3rd ~ Disneyland on the cheap

    We usually pack a lunch and carry it in our backpack, which saves lots of money. You could also leave the park to eat. Last week my honey and I each applied for a Disney Chase Credit card next to the main st. bank and got a $10 disney gift card each just for applying, that got us each a free meal! LOL
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    Re: June 3rd ~ Disneyland on the cheap

    If you haven't actually gotten the hotel room yet, you could save money using priceline. I always get really nice hotels (3 1/2 stars) for 50 and under a night depending on the season.

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