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    Re: Fantasmic Cancellation Show?

    I saw a vid of this awhile back and asked one of the board ops (at DL) about it and she told they didn't have one because they didn't really need one; they could work around most of the problems that come up.
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    Re: Fantasmic Cancellation Show?

    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyLD View Post
    There can be many reasons to cancel the show, technical difficulties (like sound, lighting, and projections) are rare because they test all that out before they load in guests. Biggest reason is probably a bad storm/wind warning, since Florida is known for wonderful weather.

    Now why does WDW have the cancellation show? Well I'm not a huge pryo expert, but I do know this is one of the answers.
    1. To fire off as much pyro as possible. It is an extreme hazard to have loaded pyro, especially if it's not going to be fired off. You cannot unload pyro, once it's loaded, it must be fired off.
    2. WDW's Fantasmic setup is entirely different from DL's. DHS F! is inside a stadium. This means people have to walk past an entrance and find a seat inside an enclosed area. It would be just plan crazy if they sat everyone and suddenly decided to cancel it. Then everyone would have to get up from their seat and head towards a exit. It would be a waste of 30mins of park time if that happened, so they must put something on in return. For DL, all people have to do is head down the path they're located on, since it's an entire open area.

    Should DL's Fantasmic get a cancelation show?
    Well they could, but I would deem it pointless.
    Here's why:
    1. Its an open area. If they cancel the show, the entire area can be evac'ed in minutes.
    Bonus: There are 4 major attractions surrounding Rivers of America. Big Thunder, Haunted Mansion, Pirates, and Splash. These rides can soak up the crowd if a cancel was needed.
    2. The fireworks show is just 20mins. away anyways. People can move towards the hub if a cancellation was needed, and wait for the fireworks....(unless they get cancelled too, haha)

    Somewhere on my hard drive I have another version of DHS Fanstasmic cancelled show. It's from a different angle, I'll throw it on Youtube one of these days if enough of you are interested.

    And to all you Disney Music collectors, if you have "Little April showers" and the ending to Fantasmic, you can mix them together and you'll have the entire cancellation track for Fantasmic.
    Even though there are rides to "soak up the crowd", a cancellation show isn't a bad idea. Not for the sake of the evacuation answer, but most ppl have sat and waited (except for those who think it's ok to push their way in front of ppl minutes before the show b/c they couldn't be bothered to wait like the rest of us and need to do rides instead) and it would give the feeling of time not wasted. Yes, the rest is nice, but to wait for something and it not materailize is kind of a let down.
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    Re: Fantasmic Cancellation Show?

    That would be nice if DL had that. I heard that DHS does it when it's raining, they do a rain show with just water projections, that's it.

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