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    Mickey's Fun Wheel, The Paradise Pier Hotel and The Issue of Theme

    I recently made reservations for the PPH for the D23 expo (I, and my bank balance, have decided no more GCH till I experience the other two... which is killing me as it truly was the best thing to come out of 2001! But that's another thread...).

    Anyway, in trying to refresh my memory I was looking at pictures of the various hotel areas and the iconography of the Sun Wheel's face stands out A LOT - From the logo, to artwork, the carpet and even the carvings in the desks all feature the Sun Wheel face. The change also affects the iron gates to the pool at the GCH which uses the sun icon as a subtle way to tie it to the wheel behind it.

    Do you think Disney should be proactive in fixing these specific references to the Sun Wheel or even the whole theme of the hotel itself to better tie it into the new theme of Paradise Pier (less generic California "fun in the sun", more authentic Victorian beachside amusement/"Disney"), considering the rather massive change in direction the pier is talking, or should leave it be as a cute reminder for those in the know about Mickey's Fun Wheel's former life?
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    Re: Mickey's Fun Wheel and the Paradise Pier Hotel

    I think that'd be the best way to go. Hopefully after the Paradise Pier is done, they at least start to change the hallway carpets...

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    Re: Mickey's Fun Wheel and the Paradise Pier Hotel

    Interesting point. I was wondering the same thing about the exterior of the hotel. In 2001, it was redesigned to match the look of the Paradise Pier area so that it wouldn't be such an intrusion when you saw it from inside the park. With that section being converted to a Victorian style look the hotel will stand out more. As far as the Sun Wheel face inside the hotel, I think they should try and keep the connection between the hotel and the park and make a change. I guess any small things like replacing that icon with something else would be easier to pay for and can be done right away. The exterior will probably have to wait for another time.

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    Re: Mickey's Fun Wheel and the Paradise Pier Hotel

    They're tourists. What do they know?

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    Re: Mickey's Fun Wheel and the Paradise Pier Hotel

    I'd really like to see them fully remodel the hotel. There's been a few rumors about this happening sooner rather than later and also adding a DVC section though. Maybe Disney will surprise us.
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    Re: Mickey's Fun Wheel and the Paradise Pier Hotel

    I was thinking about this too. In addition, every Disney resort in the world except the DLR has a Victorian-themed hotel. For DLP, TDL, and HKDL, they are their respective Disneyland Hotels, and for WDW, it is the Grand Floridian, which is their equivalent of the Disneyland Hotel. But since the DLR DL Hotel is getting refurbed in a 1950s contemporary style, they should redesign the Paradise Pier as a Victorian pierside inn. That would bring the DLR its own classy, Victorian hotel, bring a fresh new look to the Paradise Pier Hotel, and tie it in better with the park.

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