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I can vouche for this... all animation in the Tiki Room is run off of two things: pnumatics and electro-magnets.

however... the birds mechanics are heavily greased and sometimes the grease leaks and stains the coverings.

The birds are covered with an uncommon knit of cashmere. The mass production of which was stopped in the 70's. Disney now produces its own in order to keep the show running. Due to the long process of the manufacturing of the cashmere and the cost...only the MCs and the birdmobile gets maintained on a regular basis.

The cashmere covering is like a hooded sweatshirt (for macaws)... it is first attached to the head, then when the head is attached to the body it is then affixed to the abdomin. The smaller birds coverings are like a dickie...only a small strap sits around the neck.

in order to make the birds "breath" there is a small panel in the chest cavity that moves. In order to cut down on the wear of the cashmere a panel of heavy silky fabric is stitched on the backside.
You beat me to it!

And yes - the lesson was learned with Indy as well as with Tom Morrow, who can be mighty frightening when something springs a leak and RED LIQUID starts pouring out of his neck.