I put this in the DL thread, becuase i couldnt find any other that this could fit.
anyway, on the last few weeks ive been on roblox (a free online game)
and I saw that one guy (name's Pianomaneric) made a, uh....how do i put this, ultimate recreation of the Indiana Jones adventure ride at disneyland. trust me, i played the ride soundtrack as i was riding this and it fit so perfectly.........., but as anyother recreation, there were a few flaws......as the rat room, i cant seem to find it, all i can find is huge spiderwebs on a turn, thats after a lift hill, and the webs are before the dart room (amazing job, I must say), and of course, since roblox can allow putting up 'Decals' (like pictures on bicks), putting them on in a place is a pain in the arse, so dont expect seeing the wonderfull artwork in the chamber of destiny, or the snake murals in the snake room (my favorite part of the ride). The one thing i kinda did expect was that in the actual ride the door in the chamber of dest. move, sadly on the roblox one, its alway's transfixed on the Fountain of youth door and the chamber is always silver. (not critizing or anything, but i was expecting that) .
Oh well, its still cool, and perfect for the Indy fans, or the people who just want to ride it agian.

If you want to find this on roblox, here's what i may think is the easy-ist way, just find me on roblox (im conner623, no caps, and please no 'or's, or you'll get the wrong guy. then just look in my favorites, it should be on places, and just look for a picture with a lego-y Indiana Jones, and says 'Indiana Jones Adventure! all parts finished!' just simple as that.
you can also visit my place, its a pit laggy but cool, its my own rederition of Pirates of the Carribean, no boats, just feet