When i got up i decided to go to the park because i have noting else to do that was impotent. I got there just after opening. Well my Ante Uncle decided to take their oldest sons therapist so my alone trip turned in to 8 vary interesting people.

so after we migrated to the main gates i remembered i was blacked out so my uncle had to sine me and 2 others in. Lori had to go to City Hall to get Ryan his cut throw line pass, i think she did not want to wait in the lines. After City Hall it was on to IASW Ryan wanted to go and i haven't seen it scents they redid it

once we got off we ran in to Grandpa and Grandma and it heart cuz grandpa drives a scooter and he is not a little guy. So it was of to see a Hillbilly or four. and man did that place fill fast

After Puddle Prance it was off to POTC what was i thinking Ryan saw BTMRR and wanted to go on that so we went to see if he was to short and he wasn't so we got on he loved it. Next was TSI but first Matt had to go to work so he ran home to change and came back for work. Ante Lori said she wish she had a camera so i gave her one of mine, yes i take two to the park.

Grandma and Austin

My leg Ryan and Lori's Finger

he looks like he is on something

here too

me and Ryan

man this place use to big a lot bigger i hit my head 3 time going up with him

Ryan playing in the water

Funny thing is we didn't pose him.

so after he dragged me throw every cave three times it was time to go and on the way off the island we ran in to to fellow chatters and i remember that it was the gum ball rally and i forgot about it in the move from Lancaster

someone wanted to go to sleep

Ryan yell to grandma

Grandma and Ryan waiting to ride the carousel.

what house do you think a 3 year old will pick

the bench

my ante says look at the baby duck....... Both me and my grandpa could not stop laughing and no she is not blond she brunet

then some one said something to Ryan that sounded like hay ryan tell mom you want to go on Small World, Mom Hates that ride, i have no clue who did it

Ryan in front of IASW LOL

so i traded for the younger kid Austin and Me

Ryan and Grandma

just a couple reasons not to let your Ante who does not know how to use any sort of computer or camera take pitchers

But my pic did not come out as well ether

So then we went to Inovenchens and to see the fireworks and 9:25 came and went about 10ish i called my other uncle, yes both work there Matt cleans and Mike is a stage tech, and he said that the whether balloon went sideways so they consoled the fireworks. so we all paced up and made to walk to the tram when Lori remember that Matt drove to the park and she doesn't know where her Van is. so we left grandpa and grandma to go back to DL and at city hall Lori asked the CM where could she find Matt and she said we cant tell people that. so we looked for a bit then went back to the tram and i looked where Matt had said the van was and it wasn't their it was two rows over.

so that is it for this trip and thanks for reading