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    Toyland: a concept it's too late for, but what the heck... ;)

    Not as a total “land” of its own - I don't think there's enough there for that, but a subsection of Fantasyland, to be home to a Pooh attraction and a Toy Story attraction. Let's either go back in time, or to an alternate reality, where BLAB, TSMM, and the current Pooh attraction don't exist.

    The area would be built somewhat adjacent to Small World, possibly on the current site of the FL Theater, (which would be moved to the Festival Arena or elsewhere). There probably isn’t enough land to do what I’m proposing, but since this is an alternate reality, we can also imagine that in this reality, there is enough land .

    Small World is already all about singing dolls and other toys.

    Winnie-the-Pooh is not supposed to be a “real bear”, (and I mean "real" in the sense that Humphrey, Smokey and Yogi are "real bears") but a stuffed animal come to life, and so are most of his friends – see the old films, with Pooh ripping his seams while doing push ups, Eeyore being "stuffed with sawdust" and losing his tacked-on tail, etc.

    Naturually, the ride would be more like Pooh’s Hunny Hunt in TDL – or at least more like WDW’s version.

    The Toy Story ride would actually be about seeing the world from a toy's point of view, as the movies were. You would ride in an a giant RC car,, (as Woody and Buzz do in the movie) and see things more or less from Woody’s perspective (also as in the movie). I don’t know whether the ride would retell the basic story of the movie, (or the sequel) or be a new adventure for the Toy Story characters.

    Possibly, there could also be some kind of tribute to Babes in Toyland - not a full attraction, but maybe a well-themed shop or something.

    During the holiday season, the area could become Santa's Workshop.

    What do you think?
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    Re: Toyland: a concept it's too late for, but what the heck... ;)

    I think it's too late of course, what with Buzz in Tomorrowland, Toy Story in Paradise Pier, Pooh in Critter Country. It's a fair concept definitely and especially fun in the holiday season.

    Would be more interested in the babes in toyland though.

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    Re: Toyland: a concept it's too late for, but what the heck... ;)

    This definately sounds better than what we have now. Anything that could possibly bring TDL's Pooh to the states is good with me, but I like the shooting gallery concept. It just doesn't really relate to the properties it was used for. Plus, the execution of these rides wasn't as good as it could've been.

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    Re: Toyland: a concept it's too late for, but what the heck... ;)

    sounds really good!....thanks for sharing!...
    my heart is yours

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