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    Space Mountian Evacuation

    Hello everyone,

    I went on my 7th grade school trip to Disneyland yesterday. we did quite a few attractions for a medium crowds day. But the highlight of the trip was definitly being evacuated off Space Mountian.

    We were making one of the final turns of the ride when all the lights suddenly came on and we came to a stop. My friends and I all took out our cell phones and started to take pictures. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to put the pictures on here. anyway, for those of you who haven't seen it, Space Mountian looks like a factory. There are tons of bars and poles. The track itself takes up very little of the building space. There was an announcement that would say Space Station 77 is canceling all flights at this time. Please reamian seated while we evacuate the Space Mountian complex. Cast Members will be there to assist you shortly. As we followed the track out the super speed effect at the end (where your picture gets taken) is done by *SPOILERS* illuminating strips of holographic paper. I'm not sure if that is what they are called, but they are the strips of paper that change color as you walk past them. *END OF SPOILERS*

    Anyway, I just thought it would be a fun story to share!

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    Re: Space Mountian Evacuation

    Cool Experience!!! Thanks for sharing!


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    Re: Space Mountian Evacuation

    pretty awesome. im not sure id want to see it broken down (lights on)!

    and they lived happily ever after

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    Re: Space Mountian Evacuation

    Quote Originally Posted by disneylandfan95 View Post
    The track itself takes up very little of the building space.
    you wouldn't know unless the lights are on, but you will never realize how close the tracks are together.

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    Re: Space Mountian Evacuation

    Getting evaced is pretty fun, I got evaced off Indy yesterday. But as someone who used to do the evacing on Space, wasn't fun from that perspective.

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