My neighbor has never been to either Disneyland, or Disney World. She just doesn't have the money to go either place. Last night, I called her into my house, and had her sit down next to my computer. I showed her all the video, that has been posted here on MiceChat, of the new Magical fireworks. Well, she totally enjoyed it, as I knew she would. I explained how the videos were posted by a few MiceChatters who were in the parks, and shot the footage.

There will be many people who will visit Disneyland, and see these fireworks for the first time. There may even be some folks, who are like my neighbor, and have never seen any fireworks, under any castle ever before. There are some folks out there, like my neighbor.

Well my neighbor, Diana, thanked me for sharing the videos with her. I explained how I happened upon them so early in the morning, and how special they were for me. She totally agreed. Perhaps someday she too can travel to Disneyland and enjoy it for the magical place that it is.