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    Re: TLT Dance Club Presented by Coca-Cola

    Quote Originally Posted by EliteGCUnit View Post
    Do they play at Disney anymore?
    According to the calendar MM just posted, it looks like they will still be there at least one weekend a month.
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    Re: TLT Dance Club Presented by Coca-Cola

    I saw The Bolts this weekend at the TLT Dance Club - Unbelievably awesome!!! I have seen dozens of bands at the Tomorrowland Terrace Stage throughout the years and have never seen the reaction these guys got. They played The Bolts originals too - I guess some of the songs are on the radio. The crowd was in a frenzy all the way to closing time. Who are these guys???

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    Re: TLT Dance Club Presented by Coca-Cola

    Quote Originally Posted by dland_lover View Post
    And what if I don't want to dance, but just watch from the tables just behind the dance floor? I'd just like to see Suburban Legends tonight, not wait in line for something I don't want to do.

    Yeah, great change, Disney.
    You can go sit at the tables no problem. It's the dance floor they have the line for.

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