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    Exclamation Write the new CEO to get $$$ Shifted for rehabs and new projects @ Disneyland Resort

    Hello all:
    Now that Eisner has left to go on to hold purse strings elsewhere let's make an effort to get things done at Disneyland Resort to make it better and help Imagineering in rehabs. and planning!
    On my recent visits I talked to several cast members and was surprised by their blunt responses to how the parks are managed.
    1. Tom Sawyer Island is in bad shape. The Fort is closed and as I was told is termite ridden and fallen apart and apparently they plan to keep it that way! Several paths are also eroding and the bathrooms on the island are in very bad shape. With the fort closed, no food or drinks are available.
    2. Jungle Cruise: did they really do much there? The alligators are hiding and non-operational; a cobra is missing; the elephants are full of moss and discolored; they moved the baboons from the water falls near the African section and they now look totally out of place.
    3. Star Tours: new show show needed!
    4. We want the People Mover back!!!
    5. Small World: discolored from train smoke! Needs paint and redesign near train station so that it doesn't get that soot on the building. Inside looks a little shabby and like it needs a boost and fixing.
    5. Pirates: I know that's going to be rehabbed soon and hope that they fix the chipping paint on the ceiling as you enter over the Parrot at least!
    6. Bring back the Big Thunder BBQ!
    7. Put an attraction (something not for toddlers) in the Festival arena.
    ...And now California Adventure Park:
    The Timon Parking should be taken out and the area expanded with rides and attraction.
    Employees at the park have told me that they'd like to see the "Rockin' Rollercoaster" somewhere...That would be great!
    I'd like to see a move, a little, away from the PIXAR theme and more Disney. How about The Great Movie Ride???? Perhaps in the spot where "Who's Wants to Be a Millionaire" was???
    The California Screamin Coaster should be re-opened but, of course, has to be safe and should be re-painted...It look shabby at the moment and the area is very lacking with theme!
    California Adventure will also need some sort of shows and events to draw people...Something in the awe of Fantastic.

    As you can see I has lots of ideas and notice flaws, but that's only because I love the park and hate to see it degraded by corporate polices that have been put in place.
    Ask yourself if Disney would have encouraged this?
    The main focus at Disney seems to have been in the past 20 years to give as much $$$ to Walt Disney World and build parks outside the U.S.
    What about the original???
    They celebrate it now at 50 years old, but after that what will happen?
    I encourage us all to write Walt Disney corporate, Disneyland corporate offices and Walt Disney Imagineering in Glendale.

    Thanks all for reading my rant but as I said, I care about my Disneyland!

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    Re: Write the new CEO to get $$$ Shifted for rehabs and new projects @ Disneyland Resort

    Keep in mind tho, Scott - The park has been almost completely overhauled in the past 2 years. It's looking A LOT better than it has recently, and refurbishment is an ongoing process. You can't expect everything to be perfect all at one time.

    Give them time, I believe they are working on it.

    As for Star Tours - it's a classic, and I hope it remains untouched, as it's a personal favorite.

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    Re: Write the new CEO to get $$$ Shifted for rehabs and new projects @ Disneyland Resort

    One other thing to keep in mind is that WDC is of the mindset not to focus on adding attractions, having not seen significant jumps in ticket sales from recently added attractions (people's opinions of these attractions notwithstanding).

    Their attitude is that they've "won" the theme park wars (with NBC/Universal not really interested in adding to the park and Knotts' has never been considered a serious contender by WDC), so promotional campaigns will focus on the overall "magic" of the DL experience, instead of on a particular new attraction.

    Granted, you will see a lot of cleanup and such, thanks to Mr. Ouimet and company. You will see a new submarine ride. You will see a refit limo/Monsters attraction. But, don't expect much more than that. Cost is king at the WDC nowadays. If it costs more than X, it doesn't go. Unless its for ABC, that is.

    IMHO, Robert Iger's priorities are going to remain with ABC and the media parts of the company. I don't think you're going to see another "Disney Decade" for quite some time to come, if ever.

    And, this is all just my opinion, I could be wrong. I hope I am wrong.

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