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    New Peter Pan Figure Head?

    Yes it sounds kind of weird by the title but

    In the scene where Peter Pan and Hook are "sword fighting", did Peter get a new head? i recall before the refurb he was smiling, now he looks like he is doing a struggling, fighting face.

    Am i seeing things or did anyone else notice this?

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    Re: New Peter Pan Figure Head?

    he looks "different", i cant say its an entire new head...but maybe the king of the lost boys finally got cleaned up?

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    Talking Re: New Peter Pan Figure Head?

    Hmm...I saw them working from outside the building,it looked major!I do remember him smiling,and being like"Why is he smiling?"so if they changed the head,then that's good news!!
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    What happened to the old Disney movie opening? The new ones just too long and not classic.

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