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    Re: Can we make a list of hidden things that first timers don't know about...

    I remember the very first time I went to the Haunted Mansion, about a month after it opened. Once we got up next to the house in the queue, I looked in the windows, and it was pitch black inside, except if I looked up I could see one piece of unpainted wood, that was illuminated by some unseen incandescent light bulb. I could not figure out what that piece of wood was for. Is that still visible? At that point I thought it was a walk-through attraction, and that it would be pitch black inside, and I was really scared that I was going to get lost inside it and never see my family again.

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    Re: Can we make a list of hidden things that first timers don't know about...

    In indy if you look up when stepping on the diamond sqares, the celing tiles look like they should fall on you, but are wedged up with stakes (if I am remembering correctly.) And when you pull the bamboo in the room with the noisy celing, it used to drop a few inches, but i have not seen this happen in a long time.

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    Lightbulb Re: Can we make a list of hidden things that first timers don't know about...

    In Tomorrowland:
    -On Star Tours, when you get go the wrong way, watch for the mighty microscope from AdventuresThruInnerSpace(it's there, just look for it really hard.)
    -@ Innoventions, the theme song,"World Of Innoventions" is actually a rewritten version of the song "There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow", both versions by the Sherman Bros. Also, there are refences to things from Disney history, outside and inside.
    -@ Redd Rocket's Pizza Port, there are posters from TL's History.
    -@ Space Mountain,when you hear some of the audio, that is some of the imagineers talking.
    In Fantasyland:
    -Some of the Fantasyland ticket booths(from 1955-1982 timeline) have survived from in one form or another.
    -@ Princess Fantasy Faire, the area is reusing props from the "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs:A Musical Spectacular.(albit altered for the meet and greets.)
    -On Peter Pan, Captain Hook's Ship has some props and bits from a Tuna Boat.
    -Inside the Alice In Wonderland ride, some of the Charaters are from another Fantasyland Attraction(but not from the same park.)

    I think everyone said some of this before me(which is ok. or has not said it yet(which is ok too.) I hope this helps(if not, some of the older ones will explan too.)

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    Re: Can we make a list of hidden things that first timers don't know about...

    Not so much a secret, but something I noticed: on the "Winnie the Pooh" ride: in the final scene; Pooh's Birthday party - you can hear Eeyore, but he's not there.

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    Re: Can we make a list of hidden things that first timers don't know about...

    I think I've read every thread and haven't seen this: The horse with the gold tooth on King Arthur's Carousel was designated by Walt to ber ridden by his wife, Lillian.
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