Hey everyone!

Me and a few co workers are heading to Anaheim for Blizzcon in August and I managed to convince them to make it a longer vacation and hit up Disneyland.

We're arriving on the 19th and it so happens that this is one of my coworker's B-Days! I already booked a lunch P.S. at Blue Bayou and was thinking of getting P.S. for Fantasmic as a treat for his B-Day as well.

I'm making him get signed up for his free birthday but we're gonna get him the birthday fun card so he can buy some stuff at the park. We're using 5-Day hoppers so no need to rush to do everything on the birthday but if there are any suggestions as to what we should do that day please let me know!

(He is a bit grumpy that he has to fly somewhere on his B-Day, even if it is to Disneyland! Unbelievable, I know!) So any tips on making it a magical day would be awesome!

Also, I'll take lots of pics and maybe some video (equipment permitting :P) Make a nice big trip report out of it. I love reading the TPs so I think it would be nice for me to contribute