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    Fantasmic in 10 minutes

    Have you ever seen Fantasmic in just 10 minutes?

    [ame=""]YouTube - Disneyland's Fantasmic! highlights[/ame]

    This is from a full show edit that I did several years ago, and I just did this edit to show some of the highlights, without loosing too much of what makes it Fantasmic.

    Former Submarine Voyage CM 1994-1995

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    Re: Fantasmic in 10 minutes

    Very cool!

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    Re: Fantasmic in 10 minutes

    Wow, great job! It looked very a promo that would play on the tv's in the resort hotels. Very cool!

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    Re: Fantasmic in 10 minutes

    ::Sighs:: I love Fantasmic! Your video was vary well done, especially the editing. This gave me a lot of ideas for future Disneyland videos. Thank you so much for posting and keep up the good work.

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