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    Re: Disneyland Hotel vs. Grand Californian

    Quote Originally Posted by Princess Buttercup
    I have seen many debates about this. From what I was told by the CM's at the front desks of each hotel, when the Paradise Pier Hotel pools were being renovated , the guests were allowed to use the DLH pools. But now that the pool is finished the guests at the PPH are only supposed to use their own. I've also heard that the guests at the GCH can use any pool they like, but I've heard others say that's not true and that the room

    Oh , and I like the DLH pool better then the GCH pool which is one more reason why I like the DLH better!!
    Yes, the DLH pool does have the best theming, bar none. Advantage to the GCH is multiple pools and multiple hot tubs, so there can be much more separation of adults and children. But yes, the theming of the GCH pool area is quite lacking.

    When we were last at the GCH two years ago, we were told we could use any pool, and since the slide was down for that day at GCH, we walked (in November) over to DLH. Pool there was nice, but one heck of a walk just for a pool.

    What I find is disturbing in general about the Disney hotels is their slide hours do not match their pool hours. If a pool is open, I expect all of a pool to be up and running.

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    Re: Disneyland Hotel vs. Grand Californian

    I guess it just depends on your budget and the deal (if any) you can get through a travel agency. We got a good deal a couple of years ago for the GCH and it was worth it, but for some of the prices I see today, I would take Disneyland anyday. It has some great history and ambiance.

    Paradise Pier isn't bad either.
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    Re: Disneyland Hotel vs. Grand Californian

    Disneyland Hotel has:

    1. Larger standard rooms and larger suites.

    2. More Disney "atmosphere" in decor, and design.

    3. A less impressive lobby (but then who sleeps there?)

    4. No rooms perched right over DTD and its seemingly ceaseless noise.

    5. More suites.

    6. An excellent concierge lounge/staff with a great view of fireworks (with sounds/music piped in which is good when the kids are tired).

    7. New pool, but the food service (particulary at Hooks) has gone downhill over the past 4 years. GCH is better top to bottom in this category.

    8. Room service at DLH is sloooow and more times than I care to recall the order was significantly fouled up and had to be sent back.

    9. D:H is obviously much older, but then again, its also about the staff and DLH castmembers are the best.

    10. GCH has that great entry to CA but DLH is close to the monorail.

    11. When it rains REALLY hard and the wind is blowing really hard, the rain will come in under the big sliding doors in the rooms that face the wind - often times this is the DTD/Park view side. It also occurs in the concierge lounge from time to time. This makes for wet carpet and a fine mess.

    12. DLH seems to have more families with children and has a feeling (apologies to Mr. Spock) of being more Disney if you know what I mean. You still feel as though you are IN the park even though the GCH is the one promoted as being in the park.

    13. Money wise the DLH is over priced and the GC is WAY over priced. If you're hunting value for $ only the Paradise Pier comes close to off-property hotels. It's rooms are smaller than the DLH but larger than the GC.

    They are all nice hotels but pricey. Also be aware that in the Park's off season they are heavily marketed to convention folks. Some of the suites get used as hospitality suites and can get quite noisey with significant foot traffic in and around them into late hours. This is something to consider if you have small children that you tuck in early.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Disneyland Hotel vs. Grand Californian

    Nice report/comparison, thanks!

    I agree with most of it with the exception of the money part.

    Sure, GCH is expensive. Beautiful hotel, but with the smaller rooms it is not family friendly (at least for our family of 6). As a romantic getaway for two, it can't be beat. But just not for us.

    The DLH is really not that expensive. At least for AP'ers. We stay there regularly and never pay more than $129/night and usually pay anywhere from $79-$99/night. Our most recent stay was for 8 nights last Thanksgiving and we paid $84/night and $119 for friday night. And that was for a room in the Sierra Tower, 7th floor, overlooking both Parks and DTD.

    Sure, there are lower rates off-site, but for the overall "experience" it's tough to beat.

    Thanks again for your thorough report.

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    Re: Disneyland Hotel vs. Grand Californian

    I love the look/feel/ambiance of the GCH. But honestly, I like to size and DL themed decor of the DLH rooms.
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    Re: Disneyland Hotel vs. Grand Californian

    GCH is not a good choice now....the best part is stripped!
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    Re: Disneyland Hotel vs. Grand Californian

    Honestly, I haven't stayed at DLH since I was a kid. But we've very much enjoyed the GCH. I agree that kids seem a bit more sedate at GCH than we've observed walking through the DLH area. Therefore, I'd join the chorus recommending GCH for those without kids. But then, I'm a sucker for turndown service.

    I wouldn't recommend PPH unless you're getting a super deal. We've had poor service there, as have other members of my family.
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    Re: Disneyland Hotel vs. Grand Californian

    I'm a local but I've stayed at both within the last 3 years. I say it's absolutley no contest; if you have only one night, on a one time visit, treat yourself to the Grand Californian. I think everything is a just a notch above the other DLR hotels. The rooms are not huge, but beautifully appointed (of course I have to admit I love California Craftsmen/Mission style architecture and decor). The attention to detail in every aspect of the design and theme is superb. I enjoy a good hotel and to me these things are important.

    Quote Originally Posted by Redhillsjohn
    4. No rooms perched right over DTD and its seemingly ceaseless noise.
    For what it's worth, I like staying over Downtown Disney! I've had a room overlooking DD a couple times. It feels exciting and "happening" when it's crowded and it's fun just to sit out on the balcony and people watch. In the morning it's really quiet and it's nice to sit out and have coffee (room service, natch) and watch the place wake up, as excited families bounce toward The Happiest Place on Earth.


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