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    Re: Is this what the dragon looks like???

    Quote Originally Posted by Abominable Snowman View Post
    What do you need big arms for when you have a wingspan twice your height?

    To reach out and grab things while you're flying...and your tail is already holding on to something else? .
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    Re: Is this what the dragon looks like???

    Quote Originally Posted by Hilsbro View Post
    That is actually a is pretty is still on display for Cast Members whom choose to eat in a certain eatery on site...
    Quote Originally Posted by stevo505 View Post
    Those are the kind of pictures that get you REALLY fired if you are a CM.

    Take all the backstage pictures you want, but don't let them get out in public till you have already resigned and gotten a really good job elsewhere - because you Will get fired and/or a 'No Rehire' status if they find out. Or make darned sure they can't ever trace them back to you.

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