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    Re: Is Snow White's Scary Adventure too scary???

    It never scared me as a kid. Mr Toads Wild Ride and Pinocchio did though.

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    Re: Is Snow White's Scary Adventure too scary???

    This ride scared me as a kid... I was 2 years old and terrified of the witch popping out of the corners... and for that reason we make it a habit of going on it all the time on any Disney trip we make.... it has sentimental value as the first ride to ever scare the crap out of me... then as I got older it just became better and was a lot of fun... i really wish they could add more pop out scares like hide the witch in different corners and have her pop out more... maybe make her cackle a little louder and scarier... make the ride darker and scarier... not too scary but still enough of those omg moments... still my favorite part of the ride has to be when the witch is on her boat before hitting the forest... she just kinda pops out and as a child this so got me as a surprise everytime... although the mirror thing was kinda expected and the door with apple hologram was also expected... I guess its too scary when you are 2 years old but by the time you hit 5 or 6 its kinda grows on you as being a must ride attraction everytime you visit Disneyland.
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    Re: Is Snow White's Scary Adventure too scary???

    I'm not good with things popping out in general - I always place my hand at the level of my eyes during the graveyard scene in HM. But I will agree that Snow White is a wee bit creepier than expected. I went recently preparing myself for the scenes in which the old hag appears but I missed one and was genuinely surprised.

    Why do you think Snow White usually has the shortest lines in Fantasyland anyway?
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    Re: Is Snow White's Scary Adventure too scary???

    Wow! This seems way better then what is there now. Thanks for the very detailed description.

    Quote Originally Posted by TightropeGirlLover View Post
    Here is an overall gist of the original Snow White's Adventures:

    The ride first began with you entering the Seven Dwarfs mine. You entered through an enormous wooden door that was marked "Vault" over top, and Dopey at the side holding the door open for you. You then careened through the mines, which took up almost half of the entire ride, through creaking timbers and seeing more mineshafts in front of you at each turn (through the use of blacklit murals). You then saw six of the seven dwarfs all picking away and digging to the tune of "Dig, Dig, Dig." Before leaving the mines, you then saw a concerned looking Dopey appearing again, this time pointing a sign that read "Beware of the Witch!"

    The ride then went out into the forest, where Snow White's animal friends all stared back at you. Rounding the corner up ahead was the dwarfs cottage happily in the distance. However, the car made a sharp turn to the right, leading to the path where a sign pointed "Witch's Castle." The vultures appeared overhead of you, as you made your way through the portcullis of the Queen's Castle and finally into the dungeons. In the darkness, threads hanging from the ceiling gave the feeling of being brushed with cobwebs as you saw skeletons locked in the cells or chained to the walls. One skeleton even chanted "Go baaack! Go back!" while one actually lunged forward at you from the wall. Passing through an archway, the shadow of the Witch could be seen laughing up ahead. Rounding the corner, the Witch appeared, hunched over her cauldron and dipping the apple into it as smoke billowed from it. You then wound your way back through the dungeon, until the witch once again appeared, popping around from the side of the column and offering the apple to you.

    Crashing out of the dungeons, you then found yourself outside in the dark forest. Trees twisted and leaned towards you, as a mobile of bright leering eyes stared at you and floated behind the trees. Up ahead, the dwarfs cottage appeared once again, but instead the door flew open and Witch appeared once again with the apple towards you. You then wound back once again through the forest and toward the cliffs where once again the Witch appeared. This time she appeared on the cliff with the giant boulder above. She laughed manically and pushed the boulder down on top of you, and you then found yourself back outside in the loading area.
    Quote Originally Posted by TightropeGirlLover View Post
    Sorry for the double post, but thought I would add these here. Here are some wonderful pictures of the original Snow White's Adventures, courtesy of one of the E-Ticket's earliest issues.

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    Re: Is Snow White's Scary Adventure too scary???

    You know, I sort of feel like the odd one out for actually not being afraid of Snow White's Scary Adventures as a kid. I always enjoyed it, if not for wondering occasionally "Geez, does this witch have to be around every single corner?"

    Actually, I was probably a little more scared of the Tiki room just because the thunder storm is so sudden and loud it made me jump. But after riding through Snow White once you sort of already know you're going to see the witch every four seconds. It's very predictable, and predictable isn't very scary.

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    Re: Is Snow White's Scary Adventure too scary???

    well some people have stated its to scary most of us have said its about right and some say it isnt scary at all.. now i think its all amatter of how many times you ride it...some people cant get to the park as often as others so if you ride it every time you are there(aps who love it and basicly spend their time off at park) its easier to get desensitized to it then some one who like myself can only ride it once every two or so years so scary becomes more subjective

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