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    Cool Parade of Dreams music!

    Does anyone have the music for the Parade of Dreams, more specifically the song they sing during the show stops? Is it on the mega-DLR collection?

    PM me if you have it. It's for my friend.
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    Re: Parade of Dreams music!

    I have the "Welcome" song, but its on the Brother Bear soundtrack, and its a little differen't

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    Re: Parade of Dreams music!

    It's quite different, actually. The Phil Collins version (the original version) of "Welcome" is very Phil Collins-ish. The version in the parade is sung by what sounds to be a quartet, two guys and two girls and it's uptempo and upbeat.

    A more similar version to the show-stop is the Jump5 version of "Welcome" which is in the mega-DLR collection and also available on one of Disney Mania collections, I believe Volume 3. There are no official recordings released for sale of POD or BPB for that matter... not yet at least though they seem to be quite in demand.
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