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    Question Attractions term question

    If power is cut to the whole attraction, it's an E stop.

    If the attraction closes, it's a 101.

    If there's an issue at load/unload and the cars are stopped there, it's a station stop.

    But what about the rides that are on a continuously moving belt (HM, Buzz)? When there's a problem, all the cars have to stop. What's the term for that? It's not technically a station stop, since they're all stopped throughout the attraction, but the situation's usually only temporary (for example, to load a wheelchair party), so it's not the same as a 101.

    Anybody know?
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    Re: Attractions term question

    It's just a regular Ride Stop, that doesn't neccessary cause a 101. If it was like an intrusion, then we have to call it a 101 due to haiving walk through the attraction to reset it.

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    Re: Attractions term question

    I had that happen at the POTC. we sat there for 5-10 minutes watching Johnny Depp pop out of the barrel.

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    Re: Attractions term question

    Power Disconnect and Emergency Stop (e-Stop) are not the same thing either.

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    Re: Attractions term question

    In the industry there are many different names for it (Station Stop, Quick Stop, Ride Stop), but basically they are all referring to a situation where the ride operators have the ability to restart (or recover).

    An e-stop is usually a situation where the ride operators cannot recover or restart the attraction. An e-stop (depending on local procedures) usually requires maintenance personnel to inspect and restart the attraction and perform an inspection before turning the ride back over to operators. E-stops can be triggered by power outages, but they can also be trigger by operational conditions or equipment failures (such as an air pump failing). Depending on the severity of the equipment failure and the programming of the PLC, ride stops can also be trigger by outside event conditions.

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