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Thread: Please help

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    Please help

    Dose anyone remember the name of the group that danced on the drums in DCA when it first opened? I think it was La Feet but not sure. If anyone has video of them I would love to see it. Thanks.

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    Re: Please help

    You are right about the name of the show but give me time to find links. I did find some CMs from that show
    La Feet Meets Max (Dir./staged/cost. Design) Disney’s California Adventure
    Greg Poland was the choreographer

    Cast included Carrie Wee, Chris Rutledge (moved to LA in 2000 and in the show 1.5 years),

    July 21, 2001 another site posted this:
    NEW! Max joins La Feet -- The group of wildly rhythmic tap dancers is joined by Max in the big La Feet finale

    DCA central says:
    1/01/02 -- La Feet
    The La Feet show opened at Disney's California Adventure as part of the "street entertainment" feel of the park. The show was quickly changed during the Summer of 2001 with Max
    added to the mix.

    Laughing Place has 3 pictures. Now that I have seen them I do remember them and they were different and very good.
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