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    gay an lesbian mice chatters

    Hello all....

    I know OSG has been slacking....bad OSG!!! Well I hear that Gay days were a success...I hope everyone had alot of fun. I was working both days and saw a few of you!!
    Well I was thinking boys and girls..perhaps its time for another meet up. I am afraid I did not plan one in September for seversal personal reasons. If any of you remeber from the last meet up I was having some residential issues. I just want to thank everyone that day.. you special people helped me wake up and walk into my new life...which I did the very next day!!! that Gay Days are over..I was thinking perhaps some recovery time and a meet up sometime over the holiday season..when the holiday parade starts and its cold enough to snuggle..that should make the Matterhorny even more fun...Any input on a good Sunday to do this on?
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    Re: gay an lesbian mice chatters

    Hmm... Sundays are problematic for me but I'll try. Sounds like fun!

    I guess you've got the housing situation fixed?
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