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    My Disneyland Picture Album from 2009

    I haven't uploaded all my pictures to my album, because I took more than 350 pictures.

    Pictures by JabJap - Photobucket

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    Re: My Disneyland Picture Album from 2009

    The first picture with the castle has to be one of the best Castle shots I've seen so far. I prefer pics of the castle with crowds in it, unlike the 'empty Disneyland' ones my grandfather tends to take on every...single...visit.

    That sign in the last picture made an impact to me when I first saw it 7 years ago, it was the first little bit of detail I noticed in that ride. Since then, even with those pouches in front of every seat, I still hold on to everything...okay, so I place some articles (mainly sunglasses) into said pouch, but I still hold on to others.
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