Hello all,

My family and I are planning our 4th trip to Disneyland area this September and I was hoping to clarify something with those in the 'know'.

In the past we have purchased 5 day park hopper passes, but have been able to upgrade them at the will call desk for a few extra bucks. Because we are buying the city pass this year, (3 days @ Disney, one at Universal, one at Seaworld and one at either the wildlife park, or the zoo) I was hoping to upgrade to a 5 or 6 day pass. So I am wondering if anyone has upgraded these passes to longer park hoppers, and if so, how much extra was it?

Also, last year we arrived in at Disney a little later in the day, like I said, we had upgraded our passes, but when we were admitted into the park, they didn't charge us for that day, or deduct a day from our park hoper because it was later in the afternoon. Is this a normal procedure? I only ask because we will be arriving later again and I would like to be able to get into the park to Ride Space Mountain before they shut it down for Halloween, but I would rather not be charged full price for 2-3 hours of park time.

Any info of greatly appreciated!