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    Red Face 50 Years And Still Going Strong

    This last weekend amazed me. 50 years and Disneyland is still pulling in numbers like it's opening day! The size of the park has grown but so has the crowds. But it seems that the effective organization of cast members and ride efficiency handles the crowds well. I'm just blown away when after 15 minutes of the parks opening Space Mountain has a wait time of 45 minutes. I think Disneyland is the only Theme park to continually draw people into its gates. Though this visit I really understood how certain people dislike DL. They go when it is so busy the charm of the park is gone. Waiting in line for rides isn't that bad, but when you have to wait in an hour line for food it really kills the magic. But I guess not everyone gets to enjoy the park during those "down times". But if the park didn't bring people in like it does than I guess we wouldn't have one at all. Still amazing though that after 50 years Disneyland is still going strong.

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    Re: 50 Years And Still Going Strong

    Quote Originally Posted by Dirton
    Though this visit I really understood how certain people dislike DL. They go when it is so busy the charm of the park is gone.
    I think the problem lays with the person, not the park. Just yesterday I was talking to this 19 year old girl who visited Disneyland with her family for the first time on June 18 of this year.

    She said her whole family had the time of their life. They had NO idea what disneyland was like, they didn't even realize it was the 50th anniversery. Yes, it was crazy crowded, but they figgured out fastpass really quick and rode just about everything, and also got to watch fantasmic and the fireworks. She said her whole family cried during the fireworks... even though that day was the first day they had ever known what disneyland was about. She said that she never belived in "magic" until that day.

    if the person is looking for problems then they will find them and may hate disneyland. If a person is just experiencing life as it happens, then they will love it.

    That sounds like I'm bashing your post, I'm not. It's true what you said about how amazing it is that disneyland is still so popular, I just thought I'd share my observation.
    St. Elizabeth, Patron Saint of Themed parks. Protect us from break downs, long lines, and used gum. Amen.

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