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Thread: Pocahontas

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    Re: Pocahontas

    wasn't there a Pocahontas thing in the big thunder BBQ for a while. I remember it was vary short lived and was a few years before Disneyland's 50th.

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    Re: Pocahontas

    When I was little I watched Pocahontas a lot! My sisters actually dug it out last night and watched it. I noticed that I knew almost all the words to all the songs. Ahaha. They should have Pocahontas walking around the park like all the other characters
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    Re: Pocahontas

    The sweetest and prettiest blonde mule I have ever seen is named Pocohantus. She resides up at the Circle D Ranch and is at times in the front pen as you enter the ranch, alternating with Pancho the brown mule, Maggie the cow and Ferdinand the bull.
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    Re: Pocahontas

    Back in June I was extremely surprised to see Pocahontas strolling around Frontierland. I couldn't believe she was still a walk-around character!
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