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    Summer Fun Pass and AP Parking

    Hey everyone new member here. I loved coming here checking out everyone's trip report and pics. So I thought I would join and start sharing too...soon.

    But a quick question for some of the DLR experts:

    I have an AP and over the summer I had some friends visiting that wanted to go to DLR and DCA. The days they were in town were blackout dates for my AP. So I decided to just buy a Summer Fun Pass. Thought it would be wise since they bought park hoppers. Well I still have one day left on my pass that probably won't be used since I won't be in the park until the end of August and my AP blackout dates are lifted. I was wondering if anyone knew if I could take my Summer Fun Pass and use it toward getting parking added to my AP?

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    Re: Summer Fun Pass and AP Parking

    You can get the 99$ added to upgrade your AP but not sure about using it for parking.

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    Re: Summer Fun Pass and AP Parking

    Welcome to MiceChat!

    I'm looking forward to seeing some of your first trip reports!

    I'm not sure about the parking add-on but I know you can use the Fun Pass to upgrade any AP/Ticket as long as it has not been completely used up.

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    Re: Summer Fun Pass and AP Parking

    You can take your parking reciept for the day and put it toward your parking pass! I'd ask about using your ticket for it, I'm not sure! Let us know!

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