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    Help! Can't decide about Fantasmic Preferred Seating...(Dragon M.I.A.)

    I will be returning to DLR after a long absence in early September, and I was planning to get Preferred Seating for F! for the whole family, so that we could enjoy the new dragon and effects. However, it now seems that there is no guarantee that the dragon will even be ready by then. According to Al's article today, it will be mid August (at the earliest) before the dragon appears, and even that is a crapshoot.

    Do you think there is even really a chance that they will reveal the new dragon before F! goes dark in September? It almost seems pointless to trot him out for 2 weeks before packing him up again, after already being MIA for the entire summer promotion. Do you think Disney will even TRY to unveil him at that point?

    Since Preferred Seating RSVPs have to be made 30 days in advanced and there are no refunds... I don't know what to do! Since its going to be a holiday weekend (Sept 6/7), I am guessing the seats will sell out fast and I won't really be able to wait until the last minute to see if the dragon emerges.

    Any thoughts? Help? Advice?

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    Re: Help! Can't decide about Fantasmic Preferred Seating...(Dragon M.I.A.)

    Right now it seems that August 16th is the projected debut date. I recommend keeping an eye on Micechat and future Al Lutz articles next month to get the latest info on Murphy. Right now it seems that Fantasmic! should be returning for the Holiday season (Nov-Dec) as the ROA closes for refurb in January and is expected to be completed in April, which enables Fantasmic! to come back in either may or june of next year.

    I would say to just hold off the preferred seating and dessert buffet for the show until next time. But the Dragon shouldn't affect your choice to do the preferred seating, the other two new additions are there as well.

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    Re: Help! Can't decide about Fantasmic Preferred Seating...(Dragon M.I.A.)

    If you've got the money to spend, go for it. Fantasmic is still a great show and if the dragon happens to be working that day, then just consider it a bonus.
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