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    Space Mountain Ghostly Galaxy

    I noticed on another site that the SM overlay is taking a lot longer than the HMH overlay. Anyone know why?
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    Re: Space Mountain Ghostly Galaxy

    Well, I'm no expert, but common sense dictates that since it will be the first time doing a Halloween overlay to SM, it just might take a little longer than the one for the HM that they have done for numerous years now.

    But I could be mistaken...

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    Re: Space Mountain Ghostly Galaxy

    Because they have never done the Ghostly Galaxy overlay on SM before. Anytime you do a new overlay for the first time it will take longer to set up. They've got HMH down to a science since they've done it many times before. I read somewhere that if they do the SM overly again next year, it should take no more than two weeks to set up instead of the several weeks its taking this time.

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    Re: Space Mountain Ghostly Galaxy

    They've progressively been doing the HMH makeover, faster and faster each year. It's no surprise that the it would take a lot longer this time than the next.

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