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    Are ride pictures on photopass?

    We are considering getting a photopass cd of our upcoming trip. Do you know if your ride pictures are included in this and does it seem to be worth the approx $60 price tag?

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    Re: Are ride pictures on photopass?

    Ride pictures, to the best of my knowledge, are not included on Photopass. I remember though at WDW on Test Track, when you see your ride picture come up, the CM there can scan and add it to your Photopass card. I thought the concept was ingenious and have wondered why that system has not been implemented across all photo rides. I think people are more likely to purchase ride photos as part of a Photopass album after the fact, rather than purchase them while on the spot standing at the exit of a ride.

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    Re: Are ride pictures on photopass?

    if they were I would be so on it. as it is to me photo pass is not worth the cost in disneyland.
    I miss dole whips......... can someone mail me one??

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