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    I've made a habit of picking up the cans of Cambell's Chunky soup when it's on sale at the store for $1 each. They have both Gumbo and Clam Chowder, and a little family run produce barn sells little loafs of sourdough suitable for soup bowls for about $1 for two. So I can make soup in a breadbowl for about $1.50 a serving - and that's paying retail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinYee
    The former Thrillmountain site says that Cafe Orleans now charges 7.99 for a chowder in a breadbowl:
    I guess there is always Harbor Blvd. FWIW, we do not plan on having too many dinners at the DLR this fall. Will probably do the BB and maybe some place in DTD, but that's about it.

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