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    Re: The return of America Sings

    Walk This Way (rap version)

    Please tell me your kidding.

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    Re: The return of America Sings

    Bahhh I thought you were serious with the thread title
    How much longer will it take
    For the world to see.
    We should learn to live
    And simply let it be.
    Bloodstone, bloodstone.

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    Re: The return of America Sings

    Quote Originally Posted by Princess Buttercup
    I'd want to hear lots of 80's music. That was a great era!
    Considering most of the best music from that decade was not from America... kinda loses its point. Heh.

    I'd just love to see this one come back in its original form. I only got to see it a few times in 1986 (or maybe it was '85) the summer before it closed forever. Best Audio-Animatronics show EVER!

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