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youknow the more I think about it the more this kind of addition actualy makes a bit of since

I mean you could simply plan the parade to loop through that area and go back to the hub via that route

and having a road that's parrelel to mainstreet would help with all the traffic issues taht Disneyland has (aka the parrelel road would releave a bit of traffic off mainstreet) not much room for attractions back there but a few historical displays could be put along there with a few mainsteet type stores as well (it could even crisscross with mainstreet a bit)

they could also completly rebuild the Licoln building with the Hall of Presidents and give it an entrance that's more on the Liberty Street side of things (a mock up of the liberty bell would be nifty too
I think if they either made it an entire Liberty Street from the Baby Station to Mad Hatter, or if they made Edison Square a second entrance to Tomorrowland, it'd be great for merchandising, for adding traffic flow, etc. And I'm more than willing to get rid of the parades

Alternately, as awesome as those pics are, the darn trees get in my way. Is there a way to have the parades go clockwise through Main St. and use the side exit that the trolleys use?