This isn't going to be a normal trip report, just a bunch of pics that I took from the Haunted Mansion event. I heard that there was going to be an event that was happening that celebrated the 40th anniversary of one of the most beloved attractions at Disneyland: The Haunted Mansion.

I had planned to be there at around 9:00 for the special event, but due to some duties I had to take care of, I wasn't able to get to the event around 10:10 A.M. By the time I got there, the line was already extending towards the Photoshop pickup at the end of Main Street. While wating in line, I ran into Mary Read and mcow1, as well as...

...Brad! He was waiting in line also for the event. Smart Guy to get in.

While waiting, I took some pics of the scenery around Main Street.

"What is my future going to be?"

"I went into this shop, and they have one rule: you break it, you bought it."


"Where are the Brothers?"

A special homage to the Haunted Mansion...

PEZZ with the Mickey ears on top of his hat

Unfortunately, I finally gave up about an hour and fifteen into the event. Oh, well. The line drove me insane anyway, and I felt that maybe I will come back for an item.

Anyway, I went on a few rides before it was time for the meet. Anyway, some pics from the meet

Rixter wants YOU!! To buy him a cupcake.

MonstersGoBoo! likes to smile...darn her, smile!

MickeyMousePal would like to have a word with you...

Deeogee's mom always has to have an umbrella.

Micechat gets the seal of approval from Pirate_tim!

DisneyIPresume does not approve of having his picture taken for the 1000th time.

A blurry photo of Fishbulb

Lunch at the meet was at the Plaza Inn, the usual occasion. Anyway, Fishbulb got into a game of duck duck goose with Pirate_Tim.

Dustysage wanted to hide behind MMP's hat- he doesn't want to be seen by my face.

I'll have more pics in a little while...