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    First time to Disneyland in a long time

    Hello Micechatters...I'm back after 3 months of intense rehabing at a nursing home Im back at home and yesterday for the first time since a drunk driver hit me I was back at MY HOME..Disneyland..all I can say is that once my feet hit the pavement of the happiest place on earth I felt I was in heaven.

    The first thing I did once I got to park was I had to take a ride on train all around disneyland just to get my somewhat still weak legs get some rest before some walking. When I heard the conductor on the speaker say "hello everybody welcome to the Disneyland railroad" tears flooded my checks because I missed Disneyland so much and after what has happen to me, just to forget about my medicne routines and most of all get away from that nursing home was just a blessing.

    As I made my way through all the lands as well as the grand canyon, I felt as if I were 5 years old again, it was such a great feeling. I got of on main street and took that long walk and just took in the joyous energetic atmopshere and just strolled down and made a left and my first magical experience was the tiki room along with a awesome pineapple jucie and just enjoyed the entire show. After taking a trip to paradise I decided to take an exploration to the deepest parts of the jungle, I had a very funny skipper who made me laugh even at the corney jokes.

    After my trip from the jungle cruise, I decided to go and seek me some booty and go down and vist a cunning captin by the name of Captin Jack sparrow, just taking the plunge was worth waiting for three months of captivate..after grabbing some priate booty i decided to head out to a very elegant house that looked very nice from the outside, and then just as I got in its dark and gloomy and yet very dilightly funny. Too bad I missed the O-pin house I heard they had some wonderful pins celebrating the mansions 40th birthday..oh well

    After spending time with 999 ghosts I decided to just take a short but claming journey in the Mark tawin. I havent been in boat for sometime, and it just blew my mind on how sceanic and just peaceful that ride is.

    Then just as I was feeling good I realized that my time at the magic kingdom had to end because of pain in my back, but all in all just to spend at least three short but wonderful hours was worth the pain afterwords.

    I don't want to preach or anything, but if your going to drink, please please desingate a driver, the consequences of it are far to great for everyone involve and lives can be ruined.
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    Re: First time to Disneyland in a long time

    Wow. That was just an amazing thing to read. First of all welcome back and I'm glad that you are still with us after what was apparently a devastating accident! But what a magical, uplifting thing to read, how a trip to the park that so many of us take for granted was such a moving experience for you! Thank you! Thank you for sharing this happiness and joy! Its nice to see some positive around here right about now!!

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    Re: First time to Disneyland in a long time

    I am so happy that you are alright and had a wonderful time at Disneyland!! And welcome back to MiceChat!

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    Re: First time to Disneyland in a long time

    Welcome back to Micechat. Glad to hear that you found your "happy place" at Disneyland.
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    Re: First time to Disneyland in a long time

    Thank you for sharing your story, that was really touching. So glad to hear that you are recovering and able to enjoy things like this again.

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